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How is it different from other sites?

 At myrentrack.in, you don't have to spend on buying products for occassional or seasonal use like you do with other sites. We offer new and new like items that have been previously rented/used. We run each item through complete quality assurance process before renting out further.

How can I place order with you?

You can search by area for all listings in your area. Once you get the listings for a particular area, browse through and make your selection. Click on the add to cart button. Follow the instructions to checkout.

What is security deposit and how much?

Security deposit is equal to the market value of the item. It's charged in full at the time of placing the order and is fully refundable once the item is returned in good condition except for normal wear and tear.

Can I keep the things I ordered?

if the 'rent2buy' option in the listing is checked, then you can contact the seller with an offer to buy.

Are all the listed products clean?

All the products are  run through complete quality assurance process of inspection and cleaning before renting out.

Is there any penalty for any accidental damage?

We understand sometimes accidents happen so for any minor damage which is fixable we will charge the fee for getting it fixed. But if the damage is big, in that circumstance we will charge the full security deposit which is equivalent to the market value of the item and return the item to the renter.

How can I make sure that the blouse is my size?

You can check the size options available in the listing. In case you don't find your exact size you can select the next closest size and get it temporary altered to fit your size. At the time of return the item should be in its original size with minimal signs of alteration.

Can I also list my items for rent or sale on your site?

Yes, at myrentrack, we provide our users with  an open platform to list their items for rent or sale at a low listing fee.

Do I have to pay a fee to open a account on your website?

Only listers/sellers who want to use our platform to list their items for either rent or sale will be charged Rs500/year listing fee. The lister account will be active for the whole year from the day it was created. There is no fee to our renters.

Can the products be delivered to my address or I have to pick it up from your location?

It depends on the seller and would be mentioned in the listings. However, there will be a separate shipping charge in case the item is delivered to you. You can contact the lister for the shipping charges before adding it to your cart. 

Can I make payment in cash (COD)?

Yes, if the item is listed as available for pick up. We welcome payments made via BHIM and Paytm apps. You can also contact us for payment by bank transfer.

How long can I keep the item? Can I keep it for longer time?

Most of the items are rented for a duration of 1 week. In case you would like to keep the item for longer duration contact the seller.

Where it works?

Its an open platform which can be used from anywhere in the world.

Can I pay in international currency?

For our international users, we accept payments in US dollars and convert into Indian rupees based on current market rate.

When does my rental time start?

Your rental time will start from the date when an item is delivered to you to the date it is shipped back to us.

Will I get charged if the item(s) are not returned on time?

Yes, there will be a late fee of Rs 10/day charged for each item after its due date of return.

How will I make sure my order has been confirmed?

Once, we receive an order we will send you an invoice. Once the security deposit is paid in full we will confirm your order.

Are the shipping charges charged extra?

Shipping charges are charged extra in addition to the rent price. We will contact you with the exact shipping charges based on your location and the product once we receive the order.

Can I pickup the item from your location instead of getting it shipped?

Yes, You can pick the item up. You can contact us to for details at the time of placing the order. There will be no shipping charges in case you decide to pick up the item. However, please remember all the items are not at Myrentrack's official location. Since its an open platform for the people to use anywhere in the world we suggest you confirm the location before placing the order.

Can I list my items for Rent/Sale on your webpage?

Yes, its an open platform for users with a low fee of Rs500/year.

Will you list my items on the webpage for me?

We usually encourage the listers to list the item themselves and we just do the marketing of their items. But in some cases if you still like us to do it, there will be an extra charge of Rs100/Year.

How can I make my item appear in the slide show on the home page?

For the items to be displaced as one of our premium listings, there is a charge of Rs50/Week in addition to the lister's fee.

How will I Collect the payments on my items?

Currently we have paypal, paytm, BHIM, Bank Transfers or Cash on pickup modes of payment available on our website. You can either list your payment details with your listing description to directly get the payments from the renters or you can go through us. However there is no additional transactional charge for this service.

How can a customer contact me with any enquiry?

All the enquires submitted from the webform will have to go through our office. Once we receive an enquiry regarding your item we will forward it to you.

How do I know an order for my item has been placed?

Once we receive an order placed by a customer, we will contact you to check the availability of the item(s) before confirming the order.

Can and how much can I charge for Shipping?

Yes, you can charge the shipping charges for the items which needs to be shipped. You can either charge a fixed amount or based on the customers location.

How can I find out about customers location?

Once an order is placed we will contact you with location to get the appropriate shipping charges. We encourage you to mention in the listings description that 'shipping charges will be charged extra based on the customer location and will be communicated to them at the time of order confirmation.

Do I have to send the items I want to list to your office after they are listed on the webpage?

No, we just provide you with the digital platform to list your items. You can directly ship or give the items to the customers. However, in some cases we store small items at our location with a low rental fee of Rs50/Month.

Did not find the answers you were looking for, please contact us at support@myrentrack.in or send us your questions/comments by clicking on the following link: